Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Germany- Ze Roberto

I also like soccer. I am very happy to receive this postcard from Wilhelm of Germany. Willi is living in a small village in Riepe with his wife Jutta and a dog called Monty. He works in Volkswagen, Passat factory in Emden as a car tester. He said his company has 9,000 workers and making 1,150 cars everyday. He said he is also a fan of Hamburger SV (HSV). In this photo is soccer player Ze Roberto (Brazilian National Player) of Hamburger SV. He is a good player. He used to play with the team of Bayer Leverkusen and FC Bayern Munchen in a German Bundesliga. He makes 305 games and 37 goals.

Ireland- Welsh Poppy

The beauty of yellow Welsh poppy. Another nice flower postcard from Ireland. Brian send this to me because he knows that I like flowers.

USA- Texas Wildflowers

This postcard is from Becki of Rochester, New York. She got this card from Texas when she visited there last April. Springtime in Texas transform the landscape into a blanket of colorful flowers. Lowerleft, Bluebonnets; Top left, Prairie (or Indian) Paintbrush; Right, Winecups and Gaillardia.

Netherlands - Aster flowers

Netherlands is known as the Land of Flowers. In this postcard you can see the beauty of white asters in Netherlands. These flowers have wide varieties with different colors. This postcard is from Ingrid.

Switzerland- Flowers on Alps

This is one of the 6 postcards that I received today. Among them are 4 flower postcards. And its first time also to have one from Switzerland. It has very nice flower post stamps. Margrit, the sender said that these flowers are growing in the alps. The white ones (Edelweiss) are very seldom to find because you have to go high up in the mountains to see them.


First time to received a postcard from Slovenia. This one is the aerial view of the capital city of Ljubljana where the sender Petra is living together with her boyfriend. It's a nice city view as I can see the castle on the center of the postcard. I also like the flower post stamps attached on it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finland- Vintage car

This postcard is from Paulina in Finland. I just received it this morning and I was so glad to have this one since I really like vintage classic cars. She said her favorite classic car is volvo called "Saint" in the famous TV-series character Rode. Someone closest to her heart has an old Dodge Challenger from 1971 also.She said that when she was a child her dad has a Lada, a Russian car from 70's. Having such collections of old classic cars is a cool feeling.