Thursday, April 22, 2010


This postcard contains only this quote "De sages paroles de"...." Words of Wisdom from". Its a simple word but very broad in meaning. Its from Didier in France.


Another postcard today with a lovely flowers from a language teacher in Finland. She is Anna Kaisa. She has two lovely dogs named Vilma and Alma. This postcard is dated February 26th 2010 and she said that theres lots of snow in her place.


This is one of my favorite postcard. It is from Claus in Germany. Since I am interested in cars, he send me Porsche postcard. Porsche is one of the famous German brand of car.

New Zealand

Auckland (City of Sails) from Devonport

Another postcard I received today is from Auckland, New Zealand. It is from a 20 yrs old lady from Germany who live now in New Zealand for about a year. She is Svenja.

Auckland City and the suburb of Devonport are linked by the harbour bridge and also by an excellent ferry service. Day trips to Devonport are very popular with locals and tourists alike as the cafes, restaurants and shopping are excellent in this North Shore suburb.


North Conway, New Hampshire
Mt. Washington from Scenic Vista

This postcard that I received today is from Lesley in United States of America, who is a British national living in the US for 6yrs now. She live about a couple of hours drive from this place North Conway. This one is the view of wonderful flowers in the highest mountain in state.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This postcard is from Taiwan which I recieved from Yumico. She send it during Chinese New Year on February 12, 2010. The quote that says "Impossible is Nothing" is one of the best motto. I also like sports as this one has featured one of the best players of basketball.


This postcard is from China whose sender is Ms Helen Hua. I also like animals like this wonderful cat.


Another postcard from a 7 yr old boy in Scotland whose name is Nicholas. He live with his family and dog in a little coastal town on the South West of Scotland. As a little boy he likes to ride on his bike and playing with his dog. This one shows the red roses which I like.


This postcard is from Bjorn in Germany.

1. Ostfriesland

It is the coastal region in the northwest of the German federal state of the Lower Saxony. It connects Western Frisia (in the Netherlands)with the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, all of which belong to the historic and geographic Frisia. There are 465,000 inhabitants in the area of 3,144.26 square kilometers which consists of the three districts of Aurich, Leer and Wittmund. And there is a chain of islands of the coast, which is called the East Frisian Islands that stretch from 90 kilometers along the coast.The landscape is dominated by the North Sea. They offer dunes and sand beaches, though in their center they have grass and woods. The UNESCO World Heritage Fund declared the "Wattenmeer",which is a national park, a global heritage site since the area between the islands and the coast has its unique features in the world in which the tide leaves a broad stretch of mudflats with creeks that attract an extraordinary sum of species, worms and crabs as well as birds or seals.


This postcard is from Silvia in Latvia.

1. Riga

Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia. Riga is famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. On this postcard is the Art Nouveau style building in Elizabetes Street No. 10b.


These postcards which I just received today from one of postcrossers from Poland. She is Ania "Coverted" thru direct swap.

1. Kalwaria, Zebrzydowska

Kalwaria, Zebrzydowska is a town in Southern Poland with 4429 inhabitants as of 2007. The town was named after the religious complex-calvary and its founder Governor of Krakow Mikotaj Zebrzydowski in December 1, 1602. The Kalwaria Zebrzydowska park is a Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage park, was added in 1999 to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Cracow- Wawel- The Royal Castle

In this postcard is the City of Polish Kings-Cracow. Cracow or Krakow is the 2nd largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland and a popular tourist destination. In 1978 UNESCO placed Cracow's old town on the list of World Heritage Sites. Cracow is a pearl of Polish architecture and Polish history.
The Gothic Wawel Castle is situated on the left bank of the biggest river in Poland, Vistula River.

In this postcard is the Norbertine Sisters Nunnery in Cracow. In the city there are more than 120 Roman Catholics Churches and more than 25 abbeys. One of the amazing feature about this city is that the largest medieval town square in Europe is the Main Market Square in Cracow.