Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taiwan- Hengchun City Walls

A postcard from James of Taiwan with lovely post stamps of flowers. This is the view of Hengchun City Walls, Taiwan.

Russia- St Peterburg

Another nice postcard with flowers from Natasha of Russia. She live in St. Peterburg, the second city in Russia. She has a son who is getting ready for school in kindergarten and she is a little bit nervous about first day of school. Attached also to the postcard are nice post stamps.

US- Oregon

This card is from Elenie from Salem, Oregon. It has nice post stamps attached on it like cartoons Archie and picture of Katherine Hepburn. She is a midwife and a mother of 2 adult sons. She haven't been here in my country but she love to visit someday. On the card top row: Colombia River, Gorge, Portland, Mt. Bachelor. Middle row: Crater Lake, Mt Hood and Lost Lake. Bottom row: McKenzie River, Haystack Rock at Oregon, Mt. Hood with Hood River.

United Kingdom-Great Britain

Thanks to Claire of UK who send this lovely card of flowers.

Germany- Darmstadt

This is the first postcard sent by Barbara to my country. She is a mom of 2.5yrs old son Joris with her cat Jessie from Germany. She give me this card because I like flower. This one is nice collection from Germany.

Finland- The Birthplace of Jean Sibelius, Hameenlinna

This postcard is from Sirpa of Finland. A card from the birthplace of classical composer Jean Sibelius in Hameenlinna, Finland. There is a museum nowadays and this place has really belonged to his family. The tapestry is made from the original which is found in restoration. These are really nice musical instruments of the oldies.