Tuesday, July 19, 2011

USA- Buick 25 Touring Car 1913

A very large postcard enclosed in an envelope from US was sent to me by Purple Sage. It is a Buick 25 Touring Car-1913. I like it so much. The envelope appeared to be very artistic as it has many cut outs of different pictures, funny, flowers, butterflies, cat etc. I wanna thank the sender for creativity and thoughtfulness. It isn't a swap card but I will send also a postcard for sender as compliment of generosity.

And here's a quotes or prayer on attached sticker on it

"Dear letter, go upon your way
Over mountain, plain or sea.
God bless all who speed your flight
To where I wish you to be,
And bless all those beneath the roof
Where I would bid you rest;
But bless even more the one to whom
This letter is addressed.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indonesia-Jakarta ID-12529

Sekar means flower in Javanese language. This postcard is from Sekar of Jakarta, Indonesia. A view of the Maribaya waterfall in Lembang, tourist attraction at the hills nearby Bandung, West Java.

Netherlands- NL 681694

A unique postcard from Marco in Netherlands. In this card is the sport called "Ring Ryden", bareback on a horse with a spear and take as many rings as you can in 30 beats played during summer season.