Monday, April 19, 2010


This postcard is from Bjorn in Germany.

1. Ostfriesland

It is the coastal region in the northwest of the German federal state of the Lower Saxony. It connects Western Frisia (in the Netherlands)with the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, all of which belong to the historic and geographic Frisia. There are 465,000 inhabitants in the area of 3,144.26 square kilometers which consists of the three districts of Aurich, Leer and Wittmund. And there is a chain of islands of the coast, which is called the East Frisian Islands that stretch from 90 kilometers along the coast.The landscape is dominated by the North Sea. They offer dunes and sand beaches, though in their center they have grass and woods. The UNESCO World Heritage Fund declared the "Wattenmeer",which is a national park, a global heritage site since the area between the islands and the coast has its unique features in the world in which the tide leaves a broad stretch of mudflats with creeks that attract an extraordinary sum of species, worms and crabs as well as birds or seals.

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